Local stuff, local staff

No matter if wood, pickups or other hardware, Novacorda wants to deal with suppliers locally in order to ensure high quality and the usage of materials on site. It is, of course, possible to purchase stuff from abroad or from bigger companies and we also do this if the customer insists. If not, almost all that can be manufactured locally will be purchased locally.

We do keep some wood stock that contains mahogany, papao, odum, albizia woods; not because they are exotic but rather because we gathered them while living in Ghana. We try not to throw stuff away.

Producing high quality products

High quality material, precision and passion are the ingredients for high quality products. If we have the feeling that we cannot deliver the best of our best, you’ll have to wait a little until we are sure that you get what you deserve.


Except a few electric tools, the guitars are made by hand. Days of sanding will pay off eventually. You will see the difference!

Environment-friendly and non-wasteful

Novacorda is supporting afforestation and makes sure that we do not waste wood. Even if wood may have knot-holes we try to find a way to use those pieces. You cannot imagine what beautiful results we are getting out of this.

Additionally, we make sure that our tools and materials in the workshop are used in a non-wasteful way. Sanding paper, for example, will be used until it cannot be used anymore. Most tools are resharpened until they can’t be reused.


We are paying a fair price for quality products. Local craftsmen and suppliers are paid adequately in order to guarantee that the job is done well.


Novacorda Guitars is designing and producing innovative and own products. All our guitar models and the hardtail bridge are designed by Mete Cem Kuzu. We do not copy something. And we seriously reject queries regarding a clone of some big factory guitar.

Customer Satisfaction

Talking about the preferences of our customers is our highest interest. If you are not satisfied, we are not happy!