Tolga Özbey & Kerim Gönencer – Reptilians from Andromeda

Female-fronted garage rock/punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. The band plays electrifying alternative rock music that mixes punk, garage rock, no wave, and grunge. It’s gritty, grimy, distorted, noisy, and intense – The sound of the Turkish Underground. Check them out on their Facebook page.

Nataly Dawn – Pomplamoose

Nataly Dawn, the voice of Pomplamoose from the sunny side of the USA recently received the Pasha „Bahar“ which is a full custom one-off electric guitar made exclusively for her. While the body is a normal, it has been decorated with deep engraved and gold filled traditional Turkish designs which were drawn by an aspiring young turkish artist. Nataly and her boyfriend Jack has been incredible fun for us personally ever since we discovered their music and it is an honor that she holds one of guitars in her hands. You can find out more about Nataly and Jack at their Pomplamoose Facebook page. See Nataly Dawn giving her Pasha „Bahar“ a good run: Nataly Dawn covers Adele – Hello: Nataly Dawn plays her Novacorda Pasha „Bahar“ – Adele – Hello

Paul Eisenach – NÖRD

My wife and I met Paul at a concert in Berlin – he on the stage, we fascinated in the audience. We offered him building the first Sultan after the concert. He is playing the electric guitar in his own band called NÖRD (together with his brother Leo). Beside his own project, he is playing the electric guitar for Mimi and the Mad Noise Factory. He recorded the soundtrack for the new movie by Uwe Ochsenknecht – of course with his Sultan.
Visit the NÖRD website to find out more!
See Paul with his Sultan in action: Mimi and the Mad Noise Factory – Get me back (on Youtube)


Pentagram/Mezarkabul has been my favourite band since I was 14 years old. I can still remember how I saved money to buy their first album – hiding it from my parents. Talking about a band selling out stadiums, opening for big shots like Metallica, you’d think these guys are tough to reach and talk to. On the contrary! Great guys, great band, great music!

We are very greatful we could build them two guitars and pay back for the good music they have made all these years!

Go give them a look and enjoy the gig!

Visit the website of Pentagram/Mezarkabul!

Just Sophie

Sophie is a singer and songwriter from Hamburg. Her songs fit into the genres Jazz and Soul. Along with her sisters, she became really famous in America with their band „Black Buddafly“. Sophie has moved back to Hamburg in 2006 to make music on her own – therefore she is „Just Sophie“.

Novacorda Guitars has delivered a hybrid nylon string guitar model called „Meryem“.

Listen to her music: Just Sophie – Die Reise (The Journey)