Hardtail Bridge N6

Here it is. Our new bridge, Novacorda N6 hardtail bridge.

We admire the designs that have become classical through the years. Everytime we read about a new bridge on the market, we impatiently jump to the pictures with a lot of hope to see something new.

We believe that the bridge on the electric guitar, while being one of the most important elements, has been neglected all these years. It has been reduced and understated.

It became clear that we wanted to have a bridge that functions perfectly but also looks good. A bridge that looks fast. A bridge that is visually pleasing. A bridge you look at twice when you see it. So we made our own!

„N6“ is a hardtail bridge that persuades the player by its amazing sustain, more physical resonance and the unique design. The alloy we have created will remain our secret yet we’re convinced that you’ll recognize that something good is going on here!

N6 is a hardtail bridge for six string electric guitars. It is a top loader that comes with either our own saddles. The cover on top gives you the chance to personalize your bridge with the band’s logo or your initials.

Try it out! Be amazed! And rock the stage!

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