My workshop is in the heart of Istanbul. Small but mighty! We have rented the workshop from an old plasterer who is enjoying his retirement at the moment. We had to refurbish the place for over two months because it was a total mess. It is now a jewel in the neighborhood.

I am still building guitars mostly by hand. I just have the necessary tools to cut out the shapes and get the neck done.

Before we moved to Istanbul in May 2015, we lived in Accra, Ghana, for 5 1/2 years. I had to put up with special working conditions, such as extreme heat and humidity. We experienced power cuts for hours, days and months. We once  lost a phase so long that nothing worked in the workshop for almost 9 months. I was building guitars with bare hands and I had no fan. I am grateful that our time in Africa has given me the chance to learn building the old way.

Like many others, this is a one man shop with great support from wife and kid. I try to make my best guitar every time, if I do not like it, it never gets delivered. Simple as that.

Yet on the other hand, we also reject wasting material. We are convinced that a small mineral streak in a maple neck does not necessarily spoil a neck. We talk to our customers, many agree.

Currently we offer 4 electric guitar models, 1 bass guitar model as well as 1 hybrid nylon string guitar model. Feel free to give us a sign if you´d like to know more about them.

Tons of pictures can be found also on my Facebook page!