Pasha is the „everyday guy“ that will surprise you – with unexpected eloquence. We wanted to make a workhorse that functions no matter what without compromising the looks. What better way than to go a little classical!

Pasha comes with a 25,5″ scale, a mahogany body, walnut neck and odum or ebony fretboard, ERS Guitar Pickups, Schaller tuners and Security Locks.

Pasha „Bahar“ (bahar means spring in Turkish) is a special edition model which shows engravings of Turkish flower designs – hand-drawn by vocational training students in the 1980s and based on traditional designs. The engravings will be filled with gold pigments, before the wood will be stained with a dark red color.

The model Pasha was named after Ibrahim Paşa (or Pasha), a confident of Sultan Süleyman in the 16th century. He was the Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, a lover of the arts – especially music.