About me

Mete Cem Kuzu

I am a self-taught electric guitar builder, currently based in Istanbul, Turkey, due to the job of my wife.

I have made music in Istanbul and Berlin for almost a decade before I realized that my passion is rather building the instrument that I was playing. The assignment of my wife to Africa gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of creating my own brand with various unique models.

I decided to work exclusively with local wood from the places we are living or may live in future. I had a small workshop which was adequately equipped for the African standard. I had to learn how to build electric guitars without fancy tools due to the lacking equipment on the local market and frequent power cuts. It is definitely fun – and we never seem to run out of ideas! Now after moving to Istanbul, everything seems to get a bit easier but I do catch myself doing things the old way 😉

Since I also have an industrial manufacturing background, I decided to design and produce hardtail bridges for electric guitars as well. Since having registered the industrial design, we are now in the process of producing the bridges in my hometown Istanbul.

Find the values of Novacorda here. Some insights into my workshop can be found on this page. In case you want to follow my work and see many pictures of my process building guitars, you can follow me on Facebook. If you have any further questions, please send me an email.